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    It's you! WELCOME!
    You have come here to meet your Bouffon mischief makers, Kimberley Twiner, Ell Sachs, Nicholas O'Regan and Lucy Kingsley.
    Our debut show We Too Us Too Me Too Too Too is coming up in 2022, at La Mama Theatre.
  • Who are we?


    We are an ensemble of performing artists, who have all been self funding our work for over a decade. Amongst our troupe are award-nominated and award-winning artists of high caliber. We are dedicated to pursuing the style of Bouffon as highly exaggerated, extremely physical theatre.


    The word Bouffon comes from a Latin verb buffare; to puff, to fill the cheeks with air, to deform oneself, to swell in order to provoke laughter. It is a very old human practice. In fact, Bouffons are direct descendants of Satyrs from Ancient Greek Satyric Drama, minor Gods of ecstasy and fertility. The word Bouffon was coined by the French theatre teacher Jacques Lecoq.


    We think the world needs more physical physical theatre. We think theatre should critique and burn the world as we know it. We think in the age of 'pc' blowing raspberries with wild glee and mocking those with power is more important than ever.


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    Stage Whispers: 'An unforgiving but cheeky and ultimately devastating attack on misogyny, discrimination, objectification of women, the patriarchy, sexual violence, and childish-but-toxic masculinity.'

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